Our clients

One core area of our expertise is in the vehicle manufacturer approved market sector. We are the largest supplier to both the Volkswagen and Porsche repairer network, and significant suppliers to the Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar/Land Rover, Aston Martin and other manufacturer networks.

We are proud of our many business partnerships with clients who are high achieving businesses in their sectors.

Proactive, forward thinking businesses like these need a supply partner who can operate above the 'norm' for a distributor, one that mirrors their passion, interacts equally with their management and provides results in all business areas.

Our customers include current vehicle manufacturer Bodyshop of the Year award winners, the three largest Porsche repairers, the largest Mercedes-Benz repairer, the largest VWG repairer, Audi dealer council member's businesses and many other independent customers who have regularly won or been finalists at industry awards in the past.

Waregrain Group is proud to work with our partners and customers. We hope they are proud of working with us.

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